Fine hair and without volume?

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The thin hair are apparently easier to treat than those full-bodied , who may tend to ripple and swell too much, but they too have the problems. Fine and delicate, thinner up to 4 times compared to the diameter of the average hair, basically have a big handicap: they are devoid of volume . Also cutting more fashionable, cool, witty, maybe assimilation, fails to promote hair flattened and limp. What to do? First, the girls who have thin hair should consider (perhaps thanks to their hairdresser of trust), if they are healthy and thick , or if there is also a problem of weakening the trunk .

In this case, you have to run for cover and consult a good dermatologist , if, instead, it is just an individual characteristic, then you can do a lot to correct the tendency to “flatness”.

Thin hair, how to treat them
The treatment for hair thin and delicate is crucial, and goes through the choice of appropriate cleaning agents. First of all, for voluminous the hair it is completely useless to use lacquers or aggressive gel, because you end up getting a further weakening of the hair itself. Better, much better, buy calmly, with help, shampoos and conditioners for fine hair specific. Our advice is to go to the pharmacy or in health food stores, where you will surely find the right product for you, it is delicate and restructuring . Very often, in an attempt to give “body” to their hair, at the time of washing it neglects the balm, which would have the drawback of overloading and further flatten the crown. You were wrong! The masks and the rich balms (but, as anticipated, specific for fine hair ), contain substances able to wrap and nourishing the trunk , protecting and maintaining its shape. The only precaution is to apply it from the middle of the length to the tip, avoiding the roots . This way you will not have the feeling of “anoint” the skin.

Thin hair: the hair-styling
We spend all ‘ hair-styling , specifically to add volume and body to thin hair. To get a great beautiful without having to ask your hairdresser you trust, you can use different systems, some “old”, other new or made through new tools.

For example, you can try a good curling , or opt for the classic curlers , those beautiful big films of the sixties. Even coloratura can be successful, but only if known how to do perfectly. It will give a nice look eighties (if you do model “wild” or lion’s mane) or sixties if more “structured” and well stop with hairspray . This type of hairstyle , though, stresses much hair, so better to show it off only on special occasions. And if you have decided on a permanent , always keep in mind that thin hair are very delicate, so you have to treat them very much. Be careful, then, to dye too close together for the same reason, and even more so if you have already submitted the hair to chemical treatments just as permanent.

Thin hair: the right cuts
We conclude talking about the cut for thin hair . This type of hair well withstand short cuts, maybe a parade helmet , with bangs asymmetrical, better not to let them grow too much, also because their subtlety leads them to easily knotted, and it is difficult to disentangle . Green light for medium cuts and scaled to sunburn , which will handle the hair, giving the impression of a larger volume. In the beach , then, get an oil-free products that protect them from UV rays . In short, enough little, to have a healthy head and always in place!

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