Tips for decorating your home

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Each season the decorative trends change. The colors, the prints are renewed and we continually revive other decades leaving them latent in the designs of furniture or decorative details. This season are stepping very strongly some influences that we have known months ago and finally is now when they are seen implanted in the decoration of many homes. Here are some tips to decorate your home following the latest trends!
And it is that, when things do not have them at hand, they are a trend, but when that time comes when it is easy to find them in the main decoration stores, they stop being a trend to become fashion. This is what has happened with the decorative elements that I am going to show below.
This season the wood is present in many objects. They can be decorative, functional or both, as is the case with wood logs. They have been implemented as auxiliary tables. In this image you can see how good the bedside table is in my guest bedroom.

Natural fibers carry a couple of seasons of treading. The fiber baskets are no longer just for going to the beach. Nowadays we have at the click of any model. The one you see in the image is a very particular design whose model is typical of Indonesia. They can be used to store the blankets of the sofa or, as in my case, to introduce a plant inside. The contrast of green and the natural color of natural fiber is another decorative success for this season.

Since this summer we are invaded by colors and patterns inspired by ethnic fashion. Tribal drawings have been discreetly arranged in the decoration to enhance any fabric. From the moment I saw these rugs I knew that in the end I would buy one. In addition to having geometric patterns and borders in black, I loved that out of fiber in natural color. An all-terrain rug with an ethnic flavor that I love.

If we continue in the line of the natural details we can not leave aside the aromatic plants. It is possible that they have never gone out of fashion, but it is now when, again, we collect lavender in summer or eucalyptus at this time to gently aromatic a drawer or closet. On the bed I have a wreath of balls of Nordic inspiration and I have hung a little lavender bag. It’s nice when I’m in bed and its smell comes to me.

Another tendency I could not avoid succumbing to is that of gold objects. If this color is already beautiful on its own, I do not have a white or black base. Best of all, we have an abundance of gold metal decorative items available at any decor store. If you have not started to buy anything golden, do not wait any longer. A little detail in this metal enhances any corner.

And to give a unique touch to your home, why not create your own  Canvas  or a custom Cushion ? You can use your favorite photos from the last trip you’ve done, for example 🙂

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